Business Opportunities

For as long as we can remember, surfing has been a sport exclusively for a few lucky people living close to a surf spot or river wave. Citywave® has the technology to bring surfing anywhere you can imagine. Due to its small dimensions of only 20 x 30 m Citywave® is installable even in the least spacious city centre. Therefore surfing is brought to people who can only dream of gliding through the water with a surf board beneath their feet.

Far away from the ocean Citywave® enables surf-beginners of any age to easily learn surfing in a clean, fun and safe environment. For professionals it provides an incomparable training opportunity to improve their skill level. Everyone else is able to enjoy the perfect location to hang around all day, experiencing the spirit of surfing from just a few meters away: lounging in a comfortable chair, a cool cocktail in hand. It is not only fun and addictive for those who surf but also magnetic for everyone watching.

Get your own citywave


Make your water-park stand out. Have your leisure hotel become a must see destination. As a stand-alone facility Citywave® pays for itself, but it can also add high value to existing facilities, such as water-parks, sport complexes, resorts, shopping malls and even hotels.


Target Group

Citywave® is the perfect fun tool for customers of all age and skill level. Kids can experiance the feeling of standing on a surfboard for the first time, advanced surfers are able to improve their skills incredibly fast, and even professionals will find the ideal environment to work on tricks and technique. Families, kids, beginners and pro surfers agree: they are totally stoked about this next generation wave pool.

Events & Sponsoring

Over the past years surfing has become more and more popular, leaving us with a downright hype that offers huge potential for future business opportunities. That is why we have made it our mission to cover the increasing demand for surf spots all over the world.

• professional surf contests with pro surfers, show surfing and rookie contests
• night surf and surf parties
• business and group events with coaching and catering
• supervised kids camps, teaching the youngest how to surf in theory and in real life


Catering & Surrounding

Create your own ,surfers paradise‘. Food and beverages, a surf shop and the relaxing atmosphere will come together as a unique environment that will not only attract the surfing crowd to hang out all day.


How many surfers can surf Citywave per hour?
Up to 25 people are surfing in the same slot, getting in line on both sides of the wave and surf alternately.

How many waves can you ride per hour?
The record set for riding the wave was 24 hours. A good surfer could surf Citywave® for up to one hour. Keep in mind that the average time spent surfing an ocean wave is ten seconds. Advanced surfers may ride Citywave® for 20 seconds, which means there are at least 180 waves to catch per hour.

How many surfers can surf simultaneously on Citywave?
Professional surfers would want to surf the wave on their own and use the whole width to generate speed as well as practice their tricks and turns. Two advanced surfers could share a wave surfing on both sides of the wave. Up to six beginners can surf simultaneously holding on to the handle bar.