Where to surf Citywave®

Jochen Schweizer Citywave®

This semi-extreme sports Arena in Munich, Germany, offers you the experience of thrill and excitement with an outstanding wave installation and superb service.

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Citywave® in St. Gilles Croix de Vie

Surf all year round at The Glassy House. This indoor surfing wave is located in St. Gilles Croix de Vie, France right on the Atlantic coast. Citywave® brings the surf sensation to life within these walls and draws you in to pick up that board and ride that wave.

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Citywave® on tour in Switzerland

Summertime! And a mobile Citywave® unit is touring through 5 big cities in Switzerland. Bern, Basel, Zurich, Lausanne and Martigny are proud to host Citywaves mobile version, bringing surf to the people who would usually travel thousands of miles to pursue their passion. Hawaii feeling, deck-chairs, cocktails and the perfect endless wave, far away from any ocean all in the middle of Swizerland the heart of the Alps. Grab your board and take a ride on the world‘s first mobile stationary deep water wave.

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Citywave® Vienna

Located in the heart of Vienna, Austria, 3CityWave is clearly a hotspot for visitors/tourists and surf enthusiasts. In Schwarzenbergplatz plaza you can surf and do some fine ripping under the warm summer sun. Otherwise savor a cool beverage and enjoy the exciting ambiance while spectacular surfing takes place..

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