The History of Citywave®

The inventors, Dipl Ing. Rainer Klimaschewski and his wife Dipl. Ing. Susi Klimaschewski have developed action sport simulation facilities for over 20 years.
As european and world champions in freestyle skiing during the 80‘s, they travelled the world competing.


First they designed mobile water ramps to practice their jumps all year round, regardless of snow-conditions, weather or season. Soon they recognized the huge potential of bringing action-sports into the cities.


Their next invention was a rotating ski-slope allowing you to ski endlessly. A few years later the first snowboard summer events followed up with real snow, quaterpipes and portable fun parks. Groundbreaking competitions like the „Coolhouse Party“ in 1994 were the inspiration for todays big air events.

Arthur Pauli, the pioneer of stationary wave riding encouraged the Klimaschewskis and his friends to surf the world famous Eisbach Wave which is located in the center of Munich city. The idea of constructing a mobile standing wave was born and refined while traveling surf spots all over the globe.


The first artificial wave, a rotating “dry-wave” was born, introducing a simulation of the feeling that was similar to floating over the water while surfing. With this surfing-machine it was now possible to reproduce turns and moves of real surfing and to practice take-offs while dreaming of famous surf-spots in Hawaii, California, Australia or South Africa without even getting wet.

But there is no real surfing without water. citywave® was the solution. Numerous scaled and one-to-one prototypes led to a groundbreaking system: the endless stationary deep water wave. Authentic surfing, like on river- or ocean waves is now possible for everyone regardless of location and conditions.


Today our patented surf system is being installed worldwide and enables thousands of people to surf in the middle of the city.