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Before you send us a message, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section and any further questions you may have, we are glad to answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a citywave® cost?

The price of a citywave® depends a lot on the size of the wave you want and the type of installation (indoor or outdoor? Embedded in the ground or above ground?). Please contact us and let us know the kind of project you have in mind to give a price.


Where can I surf citywave®?

Please see our locations page to find the nearest citywave®.


How many surfers can surf citywave® at once?

Up to 8 people can surf simultaneously on the wave. Experienced riders prefer to surf alone nevertheless.


How many surfers can use citywave® in one slot?

10 to 15 surfers are sharing the wave during a time frame of half an hour or 45 minutes.


Can I use my own surfboards?

Yes. You may bring your own surfboard to ride on citywave®.


Is it safe to surf citywave®?

Yes. Each first time surfer will get an introduction from professionally trained surf instructors. The water is deep in front, underneath and behind the wave. Walls and exit are soft foam covered.


Who can surf?

Anyone can surf. Minimum suggested age limit is 8 but there is no maximum age limit as long as the person feels fit enough to stand on a surf board and has no serious health issue.


How long can I surf?

As citywave® is an infinite wave system you can surf as long as your legs would allow. The record on nonstop surfing citywave® is held by Joey Kelly who surfed for 24 hours during a TV show in November 2014.


Can I rent a citywave® for a short time period?

No. citywave® is only for rent in very special occasions.


How long is the production time of citywave®?

It takes 3 to 6 months to produce all citywave® components. Setup time depends on size and installation conditions and will take approximately 4 weeks.


What is the water consumption of citywave®?

The water inside the system is being recycled continuously. Only a little percentage evaporates in the air and needs to be refilled weekly.


Do I have to heat the water?

No. It is self-tempered during operation.


Do I need a water treatment system to run citywave®?

Yes. Like other pools the water needs to be cleaned chemically using a sand filter system. However it is not a swimming pool. There are less people inside the water, getting in contact with it only for a very short moment. That is why the dimensioning of the treatment system is significantly lower compared to public pools.


Is the filtration system included in the purchase?

No. The system needs to be set up to your custom requirements by a local specialist.


What is the maintenance effort?

Water treatment system needs daily checks. The technical system may be checked twice a year. We offer a maintenance contract if these technical checks should be done by a citywave® member of staff (recommended).


Do I need to employ specialists to operate the system on a daily basis?

No. Your members of staff will get a training to successfully operate and maintain citywave®. The system is easy to handle. Starting, stopping and adjusting the wave is done from the control panel.


How many staff members do I need to operate citywave®?

It needs 2 -3 people to operate citywave®. This includes technical operation, handling and teaching surf customers, handout (and selling) of equipment and daily maintenance.


Do I need to consider extra space for changing rooms, showers and catering?

The space around the surf pool above the containment pool may be used for changing rooms, showers, lockers, restaurant and shops. An extra room of approximately 30m² needs to be considered to contain switch boards and water treatment system.


Do I have to replace citywave® components after a certain running time?

All technical Components are made to last for a long time period no matter if they are used indoors or outdoors. However spare parts exposed to intensive use like surfboards and sidewall panels need to be replaced after a while. Being aware of that fact they are easy and cheap to replace without affecting the operation of citywave®.


Are you looking for a franchise, license partner or agents?

No. We are only offering standard purchase options. citywave® components are produced in Germany and shipped to the site where it is installed by our team with the help of a few local employees. During planning process we assist our customer with all necessary information he needs to prepare the installation site. After installation and handover our customers operate citywave® independently.


May the registered trademark citywave® be used for marketing purposes?

Yes. Each customer has the right to use citywave® marketing material that we provide to make b to c marketing and ticketing as successful as possible. The name of each new citywave® project must contain the word citywave®.