Citywave® at BOOT Düsseldorf

(20.01 – 28.01.2018)

We are looking back at yet another spectacular event at boot Düsseldorf, the world’s biggest water sports exhibition. With over 110.000 guests visiting citywave® and free surfing during 12 daily surfsessions, even more people were able to experience the world’s best stationary wave.
Highlight of course was the indoor surfing competition „wavemasters 2018“ on the closing weekend. In the men’s category Lukas Brunner surferd to victory leaving behind the competition with last year’s winner Simon Bitterlich taking 2nd place, Tao Schirrmacher 3rd and Nicolas Marusa ending up with 4th place.

Janina Zeitler stood her ground once again showing the first 1080 in competition history on citywave®. She finished the finals at 1st Place, before Eva Loach from Austria, newcomer Chiara Kreindl and Rahel Brunner from Switzerland.

The level of surfing was higher than ever before and sets new standards in the world of stationary waveriding.

A big thank you to all Riders for their performance.





1. Lukas Brunner (14,60 Points) F

2. Simon Bitterlich (13,10 Points) F

3. Tao Schirrmacher (12,30 Points) F

4. Nicolas Marusa (11,50 Points) F


5. Julian Froschmeier (12,30 points) SF

6. Flori Kummer (11,80 Points) SF

7. Simon Strangfeld (11,10 Points) SF

8. Luca Holy (9,70 Points) SF


9. Lenni Weinhold (13,16 Points)

10. Manuel Kronfeldner (11,50 Points)

11. Milan Brunner (10,60 Points)

12. Romain Fournier (9,80 Points)

13. Elias Christ (9,20 Points)

14. Kimany (FRA) (8,60 Points)

15. Ben Heer (8,50 Points)

16. Gilles Noah Reese (7,60 Points)


17. David (FRA) (7,80 Points)

18. Carsten Kurmis (7,50 Points)



1. Janina Zeitler (16,3 Points) F

2. Eva Loach (13,1 Points) F

3. Chiara Kreindl (12,5 Points) F

4. Rahel Brunner (7,5 Points) F

5. Theresa Salatberger (10, 0 Points)

6. Taii Schmoll (8,8 Points)

7. Sarah Czepluch (8,3 Points)

8. Lena Steinberger (7,5 Points)


Check out more images from the competition on our MEDIA PAGE.