Surf is coming close to you

Citywave® makes surfing avalible to everyone, even far away from any ocean break. Grab your board during lunch break, enjoy a refreshing surf session after an exhausting day at the office or spend your weekend ripping regardless of tide or weather conditions.
Bored with gymnastics & tennis lessons? Hawaii is too far away to test your brand new surf board?
Citywave® offers the perfect environment for private surf clubs or school classes to engage in training camps or physical education. It also introduces a great oppurtunity for surfshops and fashion stores to have their customers try out the latest sports equipment and beachwear.
The wave can be installed as a mobile or as a permanent unit. It can be integrated in shopping malls, water- and amusement parks, hotel complexes or work as a stand-alone facility to enrich the recreational prospects any municipality has to offer. The compact footprint of the units (14 meters x 20 meters up to 20 meters x 28 meters) allowes the installation of our product in various locations even if space is limited. Our system is designed to create every desierd wave size. We can build any wave from a 6 m wide installation up to a 16 m wide competition wave to fit your individual needs.


This is the future of Surfing

There is no easier and safer way to learn surfing than on a Citywave® installation. Every surf-camp in the world is longing for the conditions that our wave has to offer plus you do not have to paddle or do a takeoff to catch the wave. Sitting on either side of the wave, you just have to stand up onto the board and start surfing, doesn´t matter if you are goofy or regular. With your surf instructor standing right next to you it will be much easier and also a lot faster to improve your surfing skills.
The wave always has the perfect preassure and allowes you to practice your tricks over and over again. Radical turns, 360s, airs and of course the take off wich is essential for surfing are easily transferrable to ocean waves. In a few seconds a grab handle can be inserted that helps first timers get a feeling for the wave and board. It allowes up to 6 people to surf simultaniously next to each other.
Our wave is the perfect playground for beginners of all age classes, as well as a high class training camp for professionals of all skill levels.
Transforming the wave from a smooth beginners wave into a high class performance wave just takes the push of a button.

Technology – Made by Surfers for Surfers

What is the advantage of a Deepwater Stationary Wave System?

Citywave® is a real water wave, that consists completly of water from bottom to top. Our unique deep water concept guarantees a wave of up to 5 feet with maximum preassure, instead of maximum water speed. This ensures a stable, safe and controlled surf eperiance.
Our patented system can adjust the wave:

  • small with less pressure and less water > for beginners
  • big with maximum pressure and plenty of water > for experts

Due to the deep-water system Citywave® can be surfed with real surfboards with fins. Here you have exactly the conditions that you find surfing an ocean – or river wave.

Imagine, you could surf a wave for as long as you want!

Citywave® is an endless wave, that you can surf as long as your legs allow you to. Regardless if you surf goofy or regular you can enter the wave from either side and start practising tricks, turns, manouvers and jumps.      Once you have surfed Citywave®, you will easily catch every ocean wave and experiance a familiar feeling from the beginning.

Nowhere else you can learn how to surf faster and safer.

There is no easier and safer way for beginners to learn surfing than on a Citywave®. With depp water infront, underneath and behind the wave, there is no risk of even touching ground once you fall. Sidewalls and backflow grids are soft. First timers can hold on to a grabhandle that can be installed in a few seconds. That way it is easier for them to get a general feeling of standing on a surf-board during their first few trys.


Swisscom #Gigawelle on tour in Switzerland

Summertime! And a mobile Citywave® unit is touring through 5 big cities in Switzerland. Bern, Basel, Zurich, Lausanne and Martigny are proud to host Citywaves mobile version, bringing surf to the people who would usually travel thousand of miles to pursue their passion. Hawaii feeling, deck-chairs, cocktails and the perfect endless wave, far away from any ocean all in the middle of Swizerland the heart of the Alps. Grab your board and take a ride on the world‘s first mobile stationary deep water wave.

Click: The Wave Factory CH to get more info’s about the tour.