Where to surf Citywave®

Jochen Schweizer Citywave®

This semi-extreme sports Arena in Munich, Germany, offers you the experience of thrill and excitement with an outstanding wave installation and superb service.

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Citywave® in St. Gilles Croix de Vie

Surf all year round at The Glassy House. This indoor surfing wave is located in St. Gilles Croix de Vie, France right on the Atlantic coast. Citywave® brings the surf sensation to life within these walls and draws you in to pick up that board and ride that wave.


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Citywave® in Switzerland

Summer in the city! And the swiss Citywave® is once again located at Gerold Areal in downtown Zurich. Hawaii feeling, chillout sounds, cocktails and the perfect endless wave, far away from the ocean in the heart of the Alps. Grab your board and join the fun on the worlds best stationary deep water wave until 24th of september!


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Citywave® in Austria

Attention Austria: After the tremendous success of Citywave at Schwarzenberg Plaza last year, the 2017 summer location is now at Shopping City Süd, Vienna. Join us for a summer of endless surf and fun starting on the 7th of July at the new “Multiplex Terrace”.


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