citywave® is a perfect endless wave that consists completely of water from top to bottom. Our unique Deep-Water technology guarantees a wave of up to 1.8 meters (6 feet) with maximum pressure, instead of maximum water speed. This ensures a stable, safe and controlled surf experience. The wave is adjustable in size and water volume to suit every desired skill level and user. Whether beginner, advanced or pro-surfer, citywave® is easy to modify and it only takes a few seconds to change the settings in order to fit any expected condition:


  • Small with less pressure and less water ⇒ for beginners
  • Big with maximum pressure and plenty of water ⇒ for experts

Due to the patented deep-water system, citywave® presents the conditions exactly like the ones you find surfing an ocean – or river wave. Therefore, it allows the use of regular surfboards with fins.  Thanks to this system, citywave® also offers a large variety of other fun watersport activities such as SUP (stand up paddling), kayaking, bodysurfing, boogie boarding or long boarding.


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Citywave Specifications

The pricing  and power usage for a fixed installation depends on the size of the wave you aim for. For example the wave from the video on our home page has a surfing width of approximately 10 meters (30.5ft). Installations start from 7.5m (24.5ft) onwards. What size is right for your business?
Keep the footprint size in mind, which is the minimum space you need.

 Citywave M  Citywave L  Citywave XL
 Wave width 7,5m – 8,5m  9m – 10,5m  11m or more
 Wave height  1,4m  1,5m  1,6m or more
 Footprint (w x  l)  min. 16m x 28m  min. 20m x 29m min. 26m x 30m
 Capacity per hour  10 – 12 people  10 – 14 people  15 or more people
 Bigger installations on request

Furthermore, there are two different types of installations to consider: above ground and embedded in the ground. An installation above ground consists of the whole citywave system lying on top of a flat, sturdy surface with an average height of 4 meters above ground. Please note that for an installation above ground, the footprint increases in width and length by 5 meters. An installation embedded in the ground requires a concrete foundation under the ground that will contain the citywave system. This way, the wave is level with the ground.